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Nsawam Medium Security Prison collaborates with EOCO to Sensitise Prison Officers on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

From the 11th – 15th of December, 2023, about three hundred (300) Officers of the Nsawam Medium Security Prison benefitted from a training programme in basic Cybercrime and Cyber Security awareness.

Present at the opening ceremony of the five-day training were some top officials of the Service. DOP. Patience Baffoe Bonnie (Esq) in her opening remark charged the officers to master the skill and utilise them in order to reap positive outcomes from the training now and in the future. She was thrilled with the level of interest from the officers. She also stated that she is confident that the officers will make good use of the training.

The Officer –In-Charge, Assistant Director of Prisons, Patrick Thomas Seidu in a briefing indicated that the use of electronic devices and the internet has come to stay with us. It is therefore important that officers of the Prison Service are abreast with emerging crime trends to protect themselves and their electronic devices from the grips of cyber criminals.

In a presentation by the Head of the Public Affairs Unit of EOCO, SO Faustina Lartey, highlighted various safety measures to deploy in order to stay digitally secured and the dangers associated with clicking malicious links while on the internet. She further advised officers to stay clear off public Wi-Fi, public charging ports and the use of auto log-ins for apps on their digital devices since these expose them to cyber-attacks.

She concluded by stating that a false sense of urgency or pressure, accompanying a request for personal information, unsolicited contact by strangers, offers which are “too good to be true” deals, unusual requests and suspicious links are some of the social engineering cues that people must look out for in order not to fall prey to the tricks of these criminals.

Seidu Osman an Officer of the Anti-Money Laundering of EOCO in his presentation said cybercrime investigation is the process of investigating, analysing and recovering critical forensic digital data from the cyberspace. He went on to explain that digital forensic involves the collection, preservation and analysis of digital evidence. It also includes the recovery of deleted files analysing metadata and examining network traffic logs.

He finally took the officers through the ways to take inventory and application of chain of custody and its legal implications in respect to abetment, conspiracy, aiding and dishonestly receiving proceeds from a crime.

At the end of the five-day training about three hundred (300) Prison Officers including the top hierarchy benefited from the training programme.

DOP. Patience Baffoe-Bonnie (Esq) in her closing remarks expressed her profound gratitude to the resources persons from EOCO for taking officers of the Nsawam Medium Security Prison through the training. She stated that the objective of the training had been achieved and that officers must stay vigilant.

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On 2nd October, 2023, a 13 member delegation commenced a three-day training course in Fraud Investigation Management organized by the Economic and Cyber Crime Academy of the City of London Police (CoLP). The training programme was an initiative of the NCA, UK aimed at building capacity of officers of law enforcement agencies in Ghana.

The delegation was made up of eleven officers from the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), an officer from the Ghana Police Service and a state attorney from the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice, Accra.

The team was welcomed on Monday, 2nd October, 2023 at the Training Center by the Director of the Economic and Cyber Crime Academy, Detective Chief Inspector Craig Mullish. Officer Mullish took the opportunity to address participants on the importance of the course and the need to share ideas and adopt international best practices in financial crime investigation and ultimately enrich the quality of fraud investigations in Ghana.

Facilitators of the Fraud Investigation Management Workshop took the participants through a number of thematic areas in fraud investigations such as Disclosures, Role of the Fraud Investigation Manager, the PEACE-model in conducting interviews, the Fraud Investigation Model (FIM) and many other areas of economic and serious crimes investigations. The nature and typologies of fraud in the United Kingdom with its associated indicators, data and legislative framework were also discussed. Participants were given case scenarios to deepen their understanding of the above mentioned concepts.

On the third day, the participants of the course encountered a seasoned and accredited Counter Fraud Manager, Ian Tandy who took the Ghanaian delegation through the thematic areas of Case Reviewing, Risk Management and Decision Making in relation to case management strategy of fraud investigation and also decision making in complex investigations.

During the closing ceremony at the end of the third day, the participants were presented with certificates. There was also the exchange of memorabilia between the both nations (Ghana and the United Kingdom). The Director of the Economic and Cyber Crime Academy, Craig Mullish who represented Commissioner of the City of London Police commended the course participants for their active participation and reiterated the relevance of the training course and the associated positive impact it would have on the work of the investigators if the various models are applied. He also expressed his gratitude to the Ghanaian delegation for going through the 3 day-workshop with great enthusiasm.

The leader of the delegation, Commissioner of Police, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah (Mrs) took the opportunity to express her gratitude to the Commissioner of the City of London Police for the kind gesture and also to the facilitators of the course for the professionalism and commitment demonstrated during the course. She presented EOCO souvenirs to the facilitators in appreciation of a job well done.

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On 10th August, 2022 a team from UNODC held a meeting with the Executive Director of EOCO and her management team.

COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, Executive Director of EOCO mentioned that EOCO has had several collaborations in the area of capacity building with the UNODC in time past. She added that it was refreshing to know that EOCO had been chosen to participate in the Anti-Corruption Initiative of UNODC.

The delegation from UNODC mentioned that their outfit has had good working relations with EOCO and is looking forward to collaborating further with EOCO in the fight against Cyber Crime and other areas within its mandate.

The Executive Director expressed her hopes that the Initiative would institute practical systems and structures to help in the fight against corruption. She noted that in time past, most Anti-Corruption Initiatives seemed to focus mainly on theories and little practical solutions were proffered to the issue of corruption.

The UNODC delegation in response stated that digitization is one of the surest ways to improve the fight against corruption. They therefore encouraged EOCO and other state Institutions to digitalise their systems in order to cut out the human interface and reduce opportunities for corruption.

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