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The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has reiterated its commitment to the identification and tracing, seizure, forfeiture, confiscation and management of proceeds of crime. This was hushed during a visit by a 5-man delegation from the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for West Africa (ARINWA) to the Management of the EOCO on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

The Team led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), Mr. Kwaku Dua, one of the Focal points of ARINWA, had a meeting with Management of EOCO to discuss matters relating to the asset recovery climate in the West African sub-region.

The President of ARINWA, Mr. Jacinto Fernando dos Canto, in his remarks noted that all levels of Asset recovery are very complex and require meticulous work and collaboration on all fronts. It was for this reason that ARINWA was formed to promote information sharing and also to strengthen the essential bodies in the fight against trans-border crimes within the sub-region.

The team citing a recent report, noted that Ghana has comprehensive laws on asset forfeiture and recovery albeit scattered in different statutes. It however has much to do in the area of management of these assets.

The Deputy Executive Director/Intelligence & Monitoring of EOCO, Aba J. Opoku Esq., in her response, educated the team on the National Asset Recovery Task force launched in Accra in 2022 and EOCO’s role as the lead in the recovery and asset management charge in Ghana.

Following from that, the team from EOCO suggested that ARINWA also direct some of its training toward the Judiciary to help them better appreciate the importance of non-conviction based forfeiture and how they can assist law enforcement agencies like EOCO to fulfill their mandate.

The meeting concluded with both institutions reiterating their commitment to working together to create a united front in the fight against trans-national organised crime in the West African sub-region.

ARINWA is an informal network established in 2014 for information exchange on asset recovery, confiscation and money laundering in West Africa. They also advise on and facilitate mutual legal assistance, share good practice, and raise awareness with appropriate law enforcement and judicial authorities on the importance of developing all aspects of tackling proceeds of crime.

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