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Anyone can be a victim of fraud. Fraudsters are everywhere and they cast their net wide, strike when you least expect thus not impossible to be a victim of fraud. They can deceive the most intelligent person because they are unbelievably deceptive. With internet and telephones, scammers easily set traps for their victims. Scammers exploit and manipulate the emotions of their victims to steal their money.

Hence, to stay safe and avoid falling victim of a fraud, you have to be aware of their modus operandi and the different kinds of fraud. Below are some tips to help avoid being scammed.

  • Do not answer mails unless you are sure of the sender.
  • Crosscheck information provided by marketers. Be prudent about information you receive from strangers and supposed marketers on the internet or anywhere.
  • Be wary of strange marketing schemes such as pyramid, Ponzi and cycle investment schemes. For instance, they tell you to bring two or more people to join the scheme before you earn money.
  • Do not be lured into investment schemes that offer goods and services of little or no value but with huge returns.
  • Check if the products offered are real or reasonable and worth the reward being promised.
  • Never be too excited about the rewards being offered to give personal details to anyone you do not know.
  • Never pay any money until you are sure and guaranteed of the legitimacy of the business.
  • Never be coerced to partake in any online business that have financial implication.
  • Do not trust anyone that tell you to keep the business a secret until it matures or you get your reward.

“That lure of making easy money, of putting in a small amount and getting a larger amount down the track, it is attractive, but it’s too good to be true.” (Source: ABC News; Johanna Marie)

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